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Are you considering buying a house for your holidays?  For the weekend?  Do you want to change lifestyle and choose a quiet place where life and days flow to the rhythm of nature, away from pollution, chaos, stress, but with all the services on hand at less than an hour from ROME?



Amelia (TR) located in the Umbria Region has ancient origins; history, culture, traditions, archeology, respect for the environment and nature, cultural events, culinary traditions and good wine make it a master to live and experience. It is also well connected with Rome, to allow everyday commuting or to be the weekend retreat. We are less than an hour from the Capital and well connected both by motorway and rail. The connections to the most famous and interesting Umbria villages are also good: Orvieto, Todi, Spoleto, Assisi, Gubbio are all reachable in extreme comfort in approximately, by car.  From Amelia there are good connections with the largest Art Cities of central Italy, beyond Rome, Naples, Siena, Florence…

The second home or holiday home … Pros and cons

Economic losses, time lags, and difficulty in remote maintenance can make you feel discouraged, but you do not have to give up on your dream, we have the right solution for you, with serious, professional and honest assistance we can provide appropriate advices in order to avoid any obstacle.

Are you thinking to buy a second home where you can spend your holidays, or where to take the weekend away from stress, traffic and pollution, or even for investment? The idea is just fantastic and the solution is right here, but you have to be careful and attentively consider all the different possibilities and ask the right questions: is the context or setting appropriate to what I’m really looking for? Are there any services I’m interested in? Can house maintenance reserve unpleasant surprises or difficulties if it is not permanently inhabited?  Can this house become my primary residence? Who will take care of the maintenance of the property when I’m not there? Who will take care of the garden? Who can advise me about the right and honest people who can help me in the running or in the renovation or in the construction of the house?  Which tax charge will I meet?  Is my purchase safe?  Will I have the chance to monetize my investment easily, should I decide to resell?  This and other questions are not to be underestimated and can sometimes discourage you until you decide to give up your desire … but, from now on, you can pursue your dream and reach it easily and safely!


The ideal solution

Context (or setting), serenity, security, peace and price are fundamental.

Your ideal home needs to respond to your requirements and fully satisfy your expectations, from the context in which it is located, from the services it offers, including the convenience of connecting by public transport to the main routes of communication: road, rail and air.  It must be a home away from the chaos and immersed in a comfortable, pristine, quiet, safe and secure environment, whether it is in the splendid and lush Umbrian countryside, whether it is within the historic center of the ancient city of Amelia or one of the characteristic villages or hamlets of the district.

You will be able to access real offers, save and choose the property that best suits your needs and those of your family.  The choice will be far-sighted and will be a safe investment for you and will be re-evaluated over time.


 Why choose Amelia in Umbria.

A strategic position, uncontaminated and protected, culturally lively, rich in tradition, can offer many different attractions and is located in the green heart of Italy.

Amelia is a perfect setting in Umbria, the green heart of Italy; it offers parks, services and a lifestyle where quietness and tranquility are at the first place.  Eno-gastronomic routes, cultural events, a very interesting Theater season in the beautiful and unique eighteenth-century theater, historical recollections, typical festivals and village festivals promote and renew local traditions, visits to the archaeological museum that houses the famous bronze statue of Germanico, exhibitions, extemporaneous painting, etc. can delight the bigger ones. Youngers will enjoy the ample space offered by many equipped parks, participate in periodic camps of different background, such as: sports, cultural, archaeological or English …

Regular events promoted and organized by the local administration as well as the local cultural associations will be open to all.  If Amelia is not enough, we are only an hour from Rome, Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport, 40 minutes to Orvieto, Spoleto and Todi, 50 minutes to Assisi and Perugia, 15 minutes to Terni and an infinity of small evocative and unique medieval villages.

Amelia has about 12,000 inhabitants, an historic center rich of aristocratic palaces, churches and historical finds that naturally emerge everywhere to the eyes of the curious and expert visitors. Roman mosaics, Roman cisterns, necropolis dating back to Christ and archaeological remains can be visited all year round or on FAI days.


 Why Choose Our Real Estate Agency.

Our agency, Amerina, has been present for over 25 years in the territory, the owner, Federica Sbaraglia, has celebrated her 25 years of activity in 2018, guaranteeing competence, knowledge, honesty, transparency and a valued support at all stages will help you to choose your dreams’ house. Collaborations with leading companies, the most reliable and well-trained technical studios, the best craftsmen and maintainers who work in building and various related services will solve every situation by providing the service you are looking for, at the right price and with absolute assurance and transparency.

By making the right choices and relying on experienced and skilled professionals, you will also save 40% and more on purchasing and/or renovating your house.

Our agency has a wide range of properties on the territory, and can really help you find the perfect solution!


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